Epexsus is a internet-based flash cartoon series created and animated by Dylan Simpson since 2009. The first episode made it's debut on YouTube on August 11th, 2012 and then the flash version on Newgrounds on August 17th. The series is still ongoing.



The setting of the series is based thousands of years in the future on the distant planet of Epexsus, where war between humans has devastated the planet and it's human population. In retaliation the humans made tribes for themselves, that there are now currently hundreds of. Small warfare still goes on between tribes, but it's not as severe as the "Great War"; the main world-wide war that happened over 300 years ago that diminished the humans into a few. The humans have repopulated only a small portion of what they were before.


Main Story:

The main story Is about a mysterious man in a mask self-named "Scar" found Makota one day while he was trying to help someone from a village that Scar burned down, but for unknown reasons, Scar tracked Makota down to his home in the Akimura tribe's village, in an attempt to kill Makota and his tribe. Makota later finds out that Scar was mixed into his life way more then he thought. Afterwards Scar was temporarily defeated by Makota and he and ran away. Makota, his brother Ken and Ken's girlfriend Anna set out to find and bring down "Scar".


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