News 8/9/2013

Did some much needed updating to the site

News 5/11/2012

The majority of the site has been created! You can get all the necessary info you could want for the series by navigating to any of the following pages:


Episodes: Info on episodes like episode name, completion percentage and more.

Comics: Info and links to the "Epexsus Stories" comic series

Art: A small portion of the official art of the series and all the other unofficial art for the series like art trades involving characters from the series, or fan art, if you've drawn fan art, I'll gladly post it in the gallery!

Characters: Info on the main characters and their personality's.

Links: A collection of links to other sites that contain the creator's work, and affiliates.

About: A small synopsis of the series

World: Info on the ever large planet of Epexsus!

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